About us

S3 TV brings you a massive library of entertainment that includes popular Pakistani channels in one place. We provide online video streaming platform that offers on-demand content, providing more than 10+ TV channels. With S3 TV, you can watch TV shows and Pakistani TV dramas online at your convenience. We provide HD quality experience across numerous devices like smartphone, tablet and PC which make us the complete video destination of the local content.

Why People Prefer Our Services?

Better video experience:

We have got the adaptive online video streaming technology that offers best possible video quality based on the existing bandwidth. That’s how it’s a great video experience on both Wi-Fi internet connections and smartphones. Users don’t have to compromise on quality, and HD exclusive videos are played on top accessible bandwidth. We are using technology that ensures quality viewing that is adapted to suit a wide range of internet speeds to deliver a better video experience.

Biggest drama database:

S3 TV provides popular and latest morning shows and dramas from Pakistan. We are one of the highest rated and longest running rated TV content publisher in the domain. We provide best Urdu serials, sitcoms and long plays and telefilms. We will get all sorts of content like Ary digital dramas, Urdu1, Geo TV dramas and Aplus dramas. Our content library has got the biggest names in Pakistani drama industry which makes us an ideal destination for the biggest entertainment hits. Originals will be available in episodic format for our digital audience. We offer old Ptv home dramas to latest Hum TV dramas.

Better search option:

Exact searches with fast results encourage users to explore favourite dramas. Video searching on S3 TV has been improved to reduce any delay in getting required results.

User Friendly Site:

Video organization on S3 TV is based on user experience so that the user does not overwhelmed with the content. Users will see their experience evolve and will discover more content with time.

We value customer demand:

In order to make better engagement with our audience, S3 TV is uploading content keeping in mind attitudes of users. We are getting tremendous feedback with content such as Choti Si Zindagi, Waada, Rasm-e-Duniya,Khali Haath , and Zindagi Gulzar hai tu .

Regular update:

We regularly update every single episode your favorite dramas to our website. In case, you missed an episode, just log on to s3tv.com and enjoy the rest. Our database is up to date with all the fresh episodes.


You can will get notifications about the latest episodes of their desired drama serials. For this, you just need to click the ‘Bell icon’ to keep yourself updated. You will receive an email that informing you about the show timings and date. We will pleased to keep informed our valued users about the TV shows they love.