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Armeena Khan Visits Syrian Refugees In Jordan: Urges More Help

Actress Armeena Khan visits Syrian refugees camp in Jordan, her maiden visit has inspired other celebrities to move forward. According to statistics, more than 5 million people have left Syria since the civil war began in 2011. The refugees have taken shelter in neighbouring countries like Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Actress Armeena Khan’s high profile visit to Jordan is the current trip by any Pakistani celebrity in support of Syrian refugees. “Alhamdullilah! We managed to fundraise this much for the #victims in #Syria. The @HumanReliefFoun team flew to #Jordan yesterday with your generous donations. You will see your money at work”. She stated.

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UN and international aid agencies supporting the refugees routinely face large funding gaps. Armeena Khan visits Syrian refugees camp and has shared a video on social media in which she asked for further donations.

“Want to see your donations at work? We launched an appeal, couple of weeks ago for Human Relief Foun this is what they’re doing with your money. Thank you so much to all those who donated! The team couldn’t have done it without you. Please keep giving. Well done Saira.” She wrote on Twitter.

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“This is Saira from Human Relief foundation and this is a very very special thank you to Armeena and all who are following for all the donations that you guys have given us,”the volunteer said.

“This is your food distribution going on right about now. This is all the food we have and these are all the beneficiaries,” added Saira.

“Women who have not eaten in days, have not eaten in weeks, these women got out and begged on streets so they can have scraps of food. So, this food distribution means everything to them,” she went on to add.

Armeena asks everyone to support the great cause.

“Please keep supporting human relief foundation,” she said.

“Open season” on #Syria currently. The events are just too, too disturbing. Latest is that the war is about to get much, much worse and bigger. May God keep the innocent under HIS protection.

Armenia 30, shot to fame as an actress in 2016 and has acted in several dozen Pakistani dramas and is increasingly making her mark in the film industry as well.

How Twitterati reacts to ‘Armeena Khan visits Syrian refugees’:

She stars in Bin Roye, a TV drama about a love triangle. She has also worked in Bollywood movie ‘Huff! It’s Too Much’ with Pushkar Jog and Omar Khan. Armeena’s love for interacting with her fans is only too well known to let her quit social media. A little cyber storm in a year when she has no big screen releases surely doesn’t matter.

According to a UN report, about 5 million Syrian refugees have fled civil war since 2011. The arrival has overburdened host countries. Armeena Khan visits Syrian refugees will surely urge other celebrities to contribute to a good cause.

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