Every year, there comes a drama that brought us the untold stories and society viewpoints. That’s why all Pakistani dramas have crossed the barriers of nationalities, they are popular where ever they are shown. Talking about the unique characters and ideas, you also learn some lessons from the play.

What Lessons Do We learn From Pakistani Dramas?


Besharam is one of the dramas that portray the perfect relationship between two different individuals. We see that Haider and Mishi have totally different personalities. One is a politician and other is a model, they came across to solve all of their issues by communication. The lesson we learned from the drama is that Mishi, strong women do all the sacrifices for her marriage.


Dil Lagi:

Drama serial Dil Lagi is the best example of ‘o to love’ story where Anmol tried her level best to make the life of Mohid more miserable. The first time, we see a hero falls for a woman who wants to take a revenge from his husband. Anmol tried her level best to break the relationship as said “Everything is fair in love and war”, but Mohid finally won her heart.


Mein Sitara:

Mein Sitara is a drama that is focused on the glittering life of showbiz. The play put so much spotlight on the lives of showbiz stars. The drama starts with 10-year-old Sitara and ended when her daughter becomes a director.


Preet Na Kariyo Koi:

Drama serial Preet Na Kariyo Koi, a girl Goshi which has been shown as a grey character but at the end of the drama people came to know all the reasons behind her attitude. The supporting cast did also a great job to make you connected throughout the entire serial.


Sang e Marmar:

Sang e Marmar is the best example of a rollercoaster of emotions, where the next episode is always unpredictable. The drama revolves around the revenge, the audience got to stick to the characters to such extent that they start believing those characters.  Until the last episode, people have sympathies for the character Torah Khan. It is probably one of the few dramas that focuses on the deterioration of Riba.



Udaari is based on a social issue “child abuse” in which a rapist was taken to the court. This idea stuck the audience and they applauded till the last episode.  The main theme of the drama is that ‘a rapist is a culprit that needs to be punished and a girl is not guilty if she becomes a victim of the rape’.


Bottom Line:

There are way more Pakistani Dramas that have meaningful lessons for us. So, sit back, relax and indulge in a Pakistani drama! You won’t regret it.

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