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How Parents In Pakistani Dramas Are Shown? Their Variant Behaviors And Roles

Parents: The Synonym Of Love:

No one in this world is going to love you more than your parents. It’s a natural thing that human beings are always helpless, the parents provide them necessary care and love. I’m sure you have noticed different kinds of parents in Pakistani dramas.

We love our parents as they are the ones that make us human being. They always support us either directly or indirectly. I have taken some characters so that you will get a clear idea.

Parents In Pakistani Dramas:

Parents Can Be Funny:

When we talk about humor, it is not restricted to any age group. It is believed that the parents do only serious talk, they don’t have the ability to crack jokes. I will give you an example from the drama Yeh Raha Dil where Haroon Sahib (Zaki’s dad) do make fun of his son’s expense. He might be one of the wittiest fathers that we normally don’t see on our TV screens.


Parents Can Be Emotional:

When we talk about emotional parents, we think of Sania Saeed (Salar’s mother) in drama serial Sammi.


In another drama ‘Aunn Zara’, where the female family members show unnecessary love and gratitude towards Aunn.


Parents Can Be Strict:

It is believed that parents in Pakistani dramas are shown as strict towards their children, the best example I quote is the character of Rasheeda in drama serial Sadqey Tumhaare, where she slaps before anything goes wrong. We can we forget the beloved Agha Jaan in the drama Diyar E Dil who made decisions for their children despite the opposition.


Sometimes Parents Become So Cruel:

We can’t forget the role of Farida aunty (Atiqa Odho) in blockbuster drama serial Humsafar whose negativity impacts the lives of Khirad, Asher, Sara’s mother and Sara herself. In another drama serial Sammi, parents become so cruel that they don’t care about their children living or dead.


Parents Can Also Be Good As Well:

Our dramas sometimes show us the extremely good parents, who are kind to everyone. I give you an example, about 6 years ago in drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai where Kashaf’s mother was shown as a supporting mother. Unlike her father, who has an evil and selfish.


Parents Stand For You:

Parents take a stand for their kids and try to convince their children that they are the best. I’m sure most people will say Mohid’s mother from Dil Lagi, where she didn’t want anything bad about anyone.


Parents Can Be Endearing As Well:

Your parents are also lovable to everyone, just remind the character of ‘Momo’ where Hina Dilpazeer has shown the role of a ‘lovable mom’. Most people have the ability to be loved by everyone.


Summing Up:

So, what we have learned parents in Pakistani dramas can be endearing, sometimes they become cruel sometimes they become soft. They are much strict at times, but they know how to win hearts. You can expect your parents to crack funny jokes that will make you go gaga over them.

The summary of our dramas is about ‘loving your parents’. Want to say something about the article, do write your comments below.

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