Day Popular Among Younger Pakistanis:

Recently, PEMRA has instructed all Pakistani dramas channels and print media ‘not to promote Valentine’s Day’. The festival is becoming more and more prevalent among the youth. Like other countries, various retailers and restaurants offer special promotions on the ‘international day of love’.


Being traditional Muslim society, most people don’t take it as a ‘western thought’. Pakistani Court declared the festival as Non-Islamic that just promote vulgarity among young generation. As a statement of the court, ‘No event shall be held at official level and at any public place’.


Ahmad Noorani, Islamic scholar Tweeted: ‘Hate preachers who incite violence in name of Islam are back on the air. These hate monger are promoted & protected by the state of #Pakistan. But love speaks and red heart balloon and flower vendors are a danger to this republic and Islam’.


What Pakistani Celebrities Think Of Valentine’s Day?

Some Pakistani Celebrities may find their work as their Valentine considering busy schedules. See the celebrities’ opinion yourself:

Mohsin Abbas Haider:

“I personally am too old to be celebrating Valentine’s day but I feel that when you find your true love there really is no need to publicly display it as it is something very personal and more charm stays that way so yes I am okay with PEMRA’s decision to ban it.”


Junaid Khan:

“I think Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love which is not just limited to the love between a man and a woman as it can be for the love of your family, animals, the beauty that nature holds and so I don’t see any harm in the day.”

Anoushey Ashraf:

“I think Valentine’s Day today is more about the celebration of love as a whole rather than the way many of us perceive it. We need to get out of this one-dimensional mindset. I was once invited to a show on Valentine’s to celebrate the bond and love I share with my mother.”

Yasir Hussain:

“I feel that it has become a festival now as various shows are made around this theme, in the market people are selling heart-shaped balloons, cards are being displayed so I feel due to this there are many people who gain monetary benefits as printers also earn so in all aspect everyone is gaining something from the day”.

Last words:

Young people are not too afraid of the ban. “I will celebrate,” said university student Abid Ansari in Islamabad. “This is my choice”. So, there are mixed reactions to the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Tell us your thoughts, by dropping a comment below.

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