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Aadhi Gawahi raises questions on the sensitive issue of "Nikah" and highlights how the subjects of "divorce" and "nikah" should not be taken lightly. Aadhi Gawahi is an interwoven story of Salwa, Saad, Hamdan, Soha and their families and depicts how an assumed "joke" amongst Salwa and Hamdan transformed Salwa and her family's lives into a bad dream. Salwa and her cousin Saad like each other, however when they are going to get married, their batch mate Hamdan approaches with pictures and video of his "Nikah" with Salwa which was recorded at a play as a joke when Hamdan declined to play her significant other in the play since she was not a “mehrum.” What takes after is an account of regret, battle and repercussions of Salwa's evil idea design. To watch this drama online, log on to HUM TV’s website.

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12 Oct, 2017
Adhi Gawahi Episode 30 in HD

12 Oct, 20172 Views

11 Oct, 2017
Adhi Gawahi Episode 29 in HD

11 Oct, 20172 Views

05 Oct, 2017
04 Oct, 2017
Adhi Gawahi Episode 27 in HD

04 Oct, 20174 Views

28 Sep, 2017
Adhi Gawahi Episode 26 in HD

28 Sep, 20173 Views

27 Sep, 2017
Adhi Gawahi Episode 25 in HD

27 Sep, 20172 Views

20 Sep, 2017
14 Sep, 2017
07 Sep, 2017