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Babul Ki Duayen Leti Ja


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Babul Ki Duayen Leti Ja The story is about a highly traditional man Javed Siddique, who holds a strong set of values and beliefs. His life revolves around his five daughters Hayya, Iram, Rida, Maira and Hira. Each with her own peculiarities and problems. The bond between the sisters is extremely close. Not having a mother in their formative years has forged among them a strong comradeship. It is only when they get married and go into different families, with varied backgrounds and cultural environments, some rich, some poor, real conflicts start. Cast: Qazi Wajid Beenish Chohan Shazad Raza Qaiser Naqvi Faryal Ramsha Ashir Mahi Baloch Rimsha Soomro. Writter: Ibne Aaas Directer: Nain Maniyar Mon to Thu at 7:00PM only on ARY Zindagi.

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19 Oct, 2017
18 Oct, 2017
17 Oct, 2017
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12 Oct, 2017
11 Oct, 2017
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05 Oct, 2017