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There is only one person on this earth who can sacrifice her own life for you; and she is your mother. But can any mother take away the life of her own daughter? The first husband of Sadaf who left her alone in the battle of this cruel life right after she gave birth to his daughter. Since then she is in the quest of her real father. The second husband of Sadaf who accepted her as his wife but failed to accept Hira as her daughter. Seher never accepted Sadaf as her mother and living together does not make you a family. She never accepted her as sister and always stood against her in every walk of life. But what will happen when Seher will fall in love with Shehryar? And what will make Sadaf kill her own daughter? Writer: Atif Hussain Director : Aamina Ijaz Cast: Samina Pirzada as Sadaf Sajid Hassan as Shehryar Saboor as Hira (Daughter of Sadaf and Shehryar) Waseem Abbas as Waseem Aiman as Seher (Spoiled Daughter of Waseem) Javeria Abbasi Salahuddin Tunyo Muneeb Butt Raeed Alam Fozia Mushtaq Najma Kawish and others.

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22 May, 2017
01 Jun, 2016
Bay Qasoor Last Episode 30 in HD

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25 May, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 29 in HD

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18 May, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 28 in HD

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11 May, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 27 in HD

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04 May, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 26 in HD

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27 Apr, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 25 in HD

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20 Apr, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 24 in HD

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13 Apr, 2016
Bay Qasoor Episode 23 in HD

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