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Dareecha is the story of a girl named Maheen who is in love with Faizan madly. Finally, she gets married with Faizan and becomes too much happy, not knowing the future. After the marriage, she comes to know about her violent behavior and previous marriages. At the meantime, Faizan gets involved girl and convinced her to marry with him. Later, his mother found that everything happening to Faizan is because of black magic. Cast: Fazila Qazi, Salma Hasan, Sana Askari, Imran Aslam, Yasir Hussain, Soniya Hussain, Fawad Khan and others. Writer : Mohammad Ahmed Director : Faiz

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24 Oct, 2016
22 Oct, 2016
21 Mar, 2012
20 Mar, 2012
19 Mar, 2012
15 Mar, 2012
14 Mar, 2012
13 Mar, 2012
12 Mar, 2012