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Dil Lagi

Channel: ARY Zindagi


From the Director of Pyarey Afzal And JPNA presenting to you the most romantic couple of the most awaited story..Dil Lagi is a story where love is chasing Lovers and Lovers are chasing Love..But Love can not be found where it does not exist..Nor it can stay hidden where it truly exists..You cannot run away from the destiny of Love..Because Love will find you and eventually make you fall into it..!!Zulekha played by Saba Hameed as a dominant character of the story who believes in equality either its love or hate..!Don�t forget to watch the story of a free-soul girl who takes her decisions herself..and someone who himself is dominant over others will try to impose shackles of love on her..!!Writer: Faiza IftikharDirector: Nadeem Baig

Rating: ★★★★★ 0 Reviews

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