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Ishq Parast


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‘Ishq Parast’ is a story about a young, beautiful and charming girl Dua, who has her own fantasies and dreams about her love and life. She has promised herself to have the best version of everything about herself in her life. Falling in love with Humza was the unsurpassed part of her life. But not everybody can envision your dreams and understand the feelings of young aged love. Her father Saif Mushtaq never did and Dua’s mother Khadija even she supported her husband only. Cast: Armeena Khan Jibran Syed Ahmed Ali Areej Fatima Waseem Abbas Saba Faisal Shaheen Khan and others. Director : Badar Mehmood Writer : Mohsin Ali

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12 Aug, 2016
23 Jul, 2015
10 Jul, 2015
03 Jul, 2015
26 Jun, 2015
19 Jun, 2015
18 Jun, 2015
11 Jun, 2015
04 Jun, 2015