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Jalti Rait Per

Channel: TV One


Jalti Rait Per TV One Drama Starring Junaid Khan, Mansha Pasha, Hassan Ahmed, Shamoon Abbasi, Faryal Mehmood, Mehak Ali, Anita CamphorJalti Rait Par started last week and received positive audience response. Mansha Pasha & Hasan are playing the main leads are makes the perfect on-screen couple. Hasan�s role �Sameer (Hassan Ahmed)� is complimenting the plot while Mansha�s sober character �Ayesha (Mansha Pasha)� has a lot of potentials.So about the first episode, In the very first scene, Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) is painting Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) �Hasan� �s portrait whereas Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) who is an inpatient character can�t wait to get done with it.After the first break, Danish (Shamoon Abbasi) appears as an evil character, he is step-brother of Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) and trying to take over Sameer (Hassan Ahmed)�s property.Later, Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) fell on the floor and Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) took her to the hospital where doctors completely monitored her condition and sent her back home. Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) and Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) returned home where Aliya �s parents were impatiently waiting for her. Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) offered Ayesha (Mansha Pasha)�s dad a job in his office so that he can spend some time with Ayesha (Mansha Pasha).Later, Shehryar (Junaid Khan) appeared as a boy next door with his mother who is trying to fix his marriage date ASAP!Shehryar (Junaid Khan) has a back story with Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) which is still not clear. Maybe after a few episode audience will get to know more about Ayesha (Mansha Pasha) and Shehryar (Junaid Khan)�s mystery.Later in the last scene, Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) and Ayesha (Mansha Pasha)�s daughter came inside with blood all over her face and handed a paper to Sameer (Hassan Ahmed). After reading an unnamed letter Sameer (Hassan Ahmed) rushed to Danish (Shamoon Abbasi)�s office and threaten him so that he stays away from Sameer (Hassan Ahmed)�s family in future.#TvOnePK Subscribe to TV One Global for unlimited entertainment http://YouTube.com/TvOnePKLike us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/TvOnePKFollow us onhttps://www.twitter.com/TvOnePKhttp://www.Instagram.com/TvOnePK

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