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Kabhi Kabhi

Channel: ARY Digital


�Kabhi Kabhi� is a story of a simple girl, Eeshal who is trying to find an escape from her superficial life as her father is a filthy rich businessman. Eeshal falls in love with a middle-class guy Aaraiz, whereas her father wants her to get married with a handsome young businessman, Shahraiz. Despite of Aaraiz�s family background and being aware of his mother�s negative mind set, Eeshal repudiates the decision of her father and takes a bold decision of getting married to Aaraiz but life becomes difficult for her as soon as she enters her new house and even more miserable due to the nefarious attitude of her mother-in-law and an evil-minded sister-in-law. On the other hand Eeshal�s Dad is constantly destroying her married life through his vicious activities as he wants to take his daughter out of that house.Director: Anjum ShahzadWriter: Samira FazalCast:Ahsan Khan,Mehwish Hayat, Javed Shiekh, Bushra Ansari, Faris Shafi, Aly Khan, Nosheen Shah, Sana Askari and others.

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