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Khuda Gawah

Channel: TV One


Khuda Gawah TV One Drama Starring Javed Shaikh, Moomal Shaikh, Hasan Niazi, Badar Khalil Directed by: Asim Alis Written by: Irum Wasi, Saima Wasi Director Script: Khalil ullah Farooqi. Executive Producer: TVOne Global KhudaGawah A dying mother reveals a painful secret. On the day Munazza is getting married to her beloved Shehroz, her mother Maliha is critically injured in a car accident. On her deathbed Maliha tells her husband Faizan that he is not Munazzas father, creating more distress for the family. Will Shehroz now marry Munazza? Will Faizan continue to love her? Who is Munazzas real father? #TvOnePK Subscribe to TV One Global for unlimited entertainment http://YouTube.com/TvOnePK Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TvOnePK Follow us on https://www.twitter.com/TvOnePK http://www.Instagram.com/TvOnePK

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11 Dec, 2016
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