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Khuda Na Karay


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‘Khuda Na Karay’ is a story about an uncertain daughter-father relationship where the father in the story wants her daughter to see life from his perspective where the daughter choose a different view of world in her major decisions of life. The story steps forward where both of them endeavor to fix their damage of daughter-father relationship. Director: Badar Mehmood Writer: Samina Ijaz Cast: Soniya Hussain Junaid Khan Salman Shahid Zarnish Gohar Rasheed Faizan Khawaja Salahuddin Tunio and others.

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07 Jan, 2017
10 Mar, 2015
16 Feb, 2015
09 Feb, 2015
02 Feb, 2015
27 Jan, 2015
19 Jan, 2015
12 Jan, 2015
05 Jan, 2015