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Meri Teri Kahani


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The sitcom focuses on a penny-pinching TV star hitting middle age and his gaudy wife struggling with baby fat as they deal with everything from humorous daily minutiae to major struggles. Mani and Hira wish to enroll their child in an English Medium school but are rejected on the basis that their English is poor. Hira decides to hire a tutor to learn the language much to Maniís annoyance who already is finding it difficult to discipline their son. Cast: Mani, Hira, Muzamal and others. Director : Omer Essa Khan Written : Mani and Rizwan Zaidi

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23 Aug, 2016
18 Sep, 2013
04 Sep, 2013
22 Aug, 2013
04 Aug, 2013
14 Jul, 2013
10 Jul, 2013
03 Jul, 2013
26 Jun, 2013