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Life is full of possibilities, and these possibilities lead us to the unpredictable challenges of love and life.. When you dream; the possibility of meeting your dream partner gets more intense. And in a random walk of your life; meeting your partner unexpectedly invite more surprising possibilities. Just like the possibility of meeting your past after so many years of your life. When you have already brought up your child all alone and keeping her in deception. The encounter with your past can bring many possible differences. Class difference is one of the most common possibilities which can create conflict in any relationship. Directed by: Furqan Khan Written by: Sarwat Nazir Cast: Sara Khan Junaid Khan Sajid Hassan Irsa Ghazal Yasir Mazher Farah Shah Tahira Imam Sadia Faisal Shazia Qaiser Asad Siddiqui and others.

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19 Apr, 2017
04 Aug, 2015
28 Jul, 2015
21 Jul, 2015
07 Jul, 2015
30 Jun, 2015
23 Jun, 2015
16 Jun, 2015
09 Jun, 2015