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My Dear Sotan

Channel: ARY Digital


For some wealth is a lust and for some it is a need. �My Dear Sotan� is a story of a girl, Tehzeeb as for her wealth is the most basic necessity of life. Tehzeeb is an ambitious girl, living in a below middle class family. She is engaged to Meharban from her childhood, but her elder sister Saadia has a crush on Meharban; hence she turns against Tehzeeb and develops a bad feeling for her.Cast:Saba Hameed, Qavi Khan, Sumbul IqbalDIRECTOR: Nadeem SiddiqiWRITER: Kifayat Rodini

Rating: ★★★★★ 0 Reviews

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01 Aug, 2016
My Dear Sotan Ep 20 - ARY Digi...

01 Aug, 20160 Views