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Marriage is a commitment which requires devotion and sacrifice. A hasty decision can sometimes result in tragic consequence. A woman who is attached with a stigma of life,is socially disapproved by family and friends. This develops into a regret that may haunt her forever. Pachtawa is a story of this young womanwho under family pressure commits into a marriage that she is not willing to fulfill. Her ignorance and arrogance leads to divorce, and marks her life with humiliation. No matter how hard she tries to overcomethis disgrace but is unable to rectify her honor. Director: Shaqielle Khan Writer: Seema Ghazal Cast: Aijaz Aslam Faisal Qureshi Mahnoor Baloch Qazi wajid Anum Fyaaz Qaiser Naqvi Humera Zahid & Shahreyar Zaidi

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17 Feb, 2017
11 Apr, 2014
08 Apr, 2014
04 Apr, 2014
28 Mar, 2014
21 Mar, 2014
14 Mar, 2014
07 Mar, 2014
28 Feb, 2014