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Rani Beti Raaj Karey


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The story revolves around the obligations made by our society for a father who own daughters. Rafaqat Sahab is the father of three daughters and recently retired from government job. During the marriage of his second daughter, it is revealed that he also own two daughters from another wife. The serial focuses the issues that come during a marriage of daughter. The serial also reveals the negativity of our society and how it damages the life of a middle class family. The drama has the potential to win the hearts of spectators because of its excellent cast. Cast: Javed Sheikh, Saba Faisal, Nauman Masood, Hassan Niazi, Mahjabeen, Sadia Imam, Natasha Ali, Sara Chaudhry, Badar Khalil, Seemi Pasha DIRECTOR: Mohsin Talat WRITER: Mohammad Asif , Ibn-e-Aas

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15 Nov, 2016
09 Nov, 2016