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Sannata is a story of a strong bond between¬ two cousins, Ruqaiya and Pari.¬ A relation that even though¬ appears to be one of deep¬ compassion and caring on the surface,¬ is marred by and even deeper state¬ of mental instability. A mental state¬ the harbors on the verge of insanity,¬ threatening to destroy the¬ lives off all those involved. Written by: Saji Gul Directed by: Kashif Nisar Cast: Saba Qamar Sajal Ali Danish Taimoor and others

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18 Feb, 2017
17 Apr, 2014
10 Apr, 2014
03 Apr, 2014
27 Mar, 2014
20 Mar, 2014
13 Mar, 2014
07 Mar, 2014
27 Feb, 2014