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Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua




Tou Dil Ka Kia Hua' is a story of affection and regret. The story highlights how blind trust and the choice taken in a split second can destroy one's life, family and happiness. The drama serial revolves around Maya, Faras, Saif, Tipu and Muzna. Maya weds Faras and both are living a happy married life until the point that Maya demanded Faras for separation. As the story of this drama serial unfurls, the truth comes out, how Saif who is Maya's ex and Muzna have tricked her into trusting their lies. To watch this entertaining and exciting drama online, log on to HUM TVís website.

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15 Oct, 2017
08 Oct, 2017
24 Sep, 2017
17 Sep, 2017
10 Sep, 2017
27 Aug, 2017
20 Aug, 2017
13 Aug, 2017
06 Aug, 2017