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Ullu Baraaye Farokht Nahin




The main character of Ullu Baraye Farokht nahi is 20-year old Malkana University's Aasiya Yaqoob who is in love with her English teacher Sir Chouhan, but Sir Chouhan never encourages her. Aasiya's life changes the day she suddenly receives news of her father's death and discovers that her brother and sister have got married to their uncle's daughter and son respectively. The story highlights the plight of women in a male-dominated society where to find salvation, they invariably seek the help of Peers and so called spiritual healers. Where will the change in the setup of Aasiya's home land her?

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05 Nov, 2013
29 Oct, 2013
22 Oct, 2013
08 Oct, 2013
01 Oct, 2013
24 Sep, 2013
17 Sep, 2013
11 Sep, 2013
10 Sep, 2013