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Zara Aur Mehrunnisa


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Zara Aur Mehrunnisa is a story of two love stricken women who are in love with the same man. Itís not necessary that what your desire is always bestowed to you. Great achievement is born from great sacrifice and is never a result of selfishness. Mehrunnisa is an orphan cousin of Zayan, who is brought up by her aunt. Zayan is a student of a medical university, who develops affection for his classmate Zara. Cast: Seemi Pasha, Rabia Naureen, Parveen Akbar, Zeba Ali, Junaid Khan, Aly Khan, Momal Sheikh and others. Director : Seema Munaf Writer : Sohail Javed

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29 Sep, 2016
31 Mar, 2014
25 Mar, 2014
24 Mar, 2014
18 Mar, 2014
17 Mar, 2014
11 Mar, 2014
10 Mar, 2014
04 Mar, 2014