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Do you really think that in this era women are being buried alive as they use to be in past?? Does burying alive literally means exhuming them? Or it has to do with burring them mentally? There comes a lot of situations in your life when after some incidents; the society does not accept women where she is not being buried physically but tortured to the extent which is equal to be BURIED ALIVE. Aliya is the most unfortunate girl on this earth.. Just one night before she was getting married; some burglars entered into her house and robbed everything; her happiness, spirit, dignity and her right to be alive. Even if Aliya’s parents would have accepted and supported her; this society wouldn’t have!! Mustafa is Aliya’s doctor, he is trying his best to take her out from where she is been buried alive and he will support her till the end. Shayan is Mustafa’s younger brother and he loves Aliya a lot, he is very possessive about her he can do anything to make her his own. Aliya’s best friend Sonia was with her in the same house that night; she was there to celebrate their friendship on her last wedding night but.. like her, after that incident nobody trusted her.. they were declared as impure entities and their only fault is that they are women. Sonia’s parents think this was her punishment because daughters are not suppose to live with freedom and when they choose to live freely such incident happens..! Although Asad accepted her as his wife after that incident but failed to trust her and since then they are in search of their happiness, for their self-esteem, for a reason to smile and most importantly for their right to live. Written by: Samina Ejaz Directed by: Badar Mehmood Cast: Noman Ijaz Saniya Shamshad Maheen Khalid Ali Abbas Adeel Chaudhry Waseem Abbas Laila Zuberi Ismat Zaidi Manzoor Qureshi and Others.

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